Saint-Gobain Crystals

Saint-Gobain Crystals is devoted to optimizing the unique properties of materials — purity, optical, thermal, scintillation, crystallographic — through advanced industrial processing. These processing methods, be it single crystal processing, high-purity processing, shape processing, surface finishing or coating, all serve to solve our customers’ unique challenges.


From this site, you can navigate and access information you need on markets, applications and products to enable solutions in radiation detection and other technical areas.

Saint-Gobain Crystals provides innovative products for Radiation detection solutions, Sapphire products, X-Ray monochromators and Garnet substrates...
Saint-Gobain Crystals serves the Medical, Geophysical, Security, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial and Physics markets.
Collection of technical presentations by Saint-Gobain personnel
The Sensor Kit combines radiation detection expertise with an advanced integrated MCA