World’s Largest Single Crystal Sapphire Tube

2.5” outer diameter x 30” Long

The world’s largest single crystal Sapphire tube (2.5” outer diameter x 30” Long) was produced in 2021. For use in tube anneal furnaces for likes of metallurgy and high-temperature annealing. Sapphire can withstand temperatures, pressures and vacuum far greater than any other ceramic material while still allowing for visual observation of processes and experiments. The single crystal as-grown surfaces are transparent, nonporous and chemically inert making it ideal for use in high purity and particulate-free environments.
Saint-Gobain produces the world’s largest single crystal Sapphire tube (2.5” outer diameter x 30” Long).
The previous record was 3” outer diameter x 14” Long also produced in Milford, New Hampshire.
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