Low Temperatures

BC-533 is used for the detection of γ, fast n, cosmic rays. It is a general-purpose liquid scintillator designed to maintain its clarity and fluid state at -50°C. It has a high flash point, low cost and may be encapsulated in acrylic containers. It is ideally suited for use in low-cost, large-volume detectors, which are exposed to low temperatures.


BC-533 is supplied in anhydrous condition, sealed under inert gas.


Scintillation Properties BC-533
Light Output, %Anthracene 51
Wavelength of Maximum Emission, nm 425
Decay Time, principal component, ns ~3
Bulk Light Attenuation, meters 5
Atomic Composition  
No. of H Atoms per cc (x1022) 6.79
No. of C Atoms per cc (x1022) 3.47
Ratio H:C Atoms 1.96
No. of Electrons per cc (x1023) 2.76


Data Sheets

BC-533 Liquid Scintillator

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