BC-517S, BC-517H, BC-517L, BC-517P

Mineral oil-based Liquid Scintillators

Mineral oil-based liquid scintillators are used in large tanks where exceptionally long mean free paths are essential and high light output is of secondary importance. These mineral oil scintillators are compatible with acrylic plastics such as Plexiglas® and Perspex®, plus a wide variety of metals and some other plastics and reflective coatings. Glue joints made with solvent action cements should be annealed.


Mineral oil scintillators have flash points rendering them relatively safe for use in large containers and large-volume detector arrays. They are especially suited where the expense of large-area plastic scintillators would be prohibitive.


We take special care when manufacturing its mineral oil liquid scintillators. Our people are keenly aware of the particularly high requirements regarding light transmission and product uniformity demanded by the physics community. Therefore, in addition to employing standard, rigorous purification and handling techniques, SGC uses special test facilities for light transmission measurement in order to guarantee customer satisfaction with every shipment of this scintillator.



  • γ, fast n, cosmic, charged particles


  • BC-517L standard formulation
  • BC-517H high light output
  • BC-517P lowest cost, highest H content, high light transmission, chemical inertness, highest flashpoint
  • BC-517S highest light output of mineral oil-based scintillators

Typical availability:

  • Bulk: 1 Liter, 1 gallon (3.8 liters), 5 gallons (19 liters), 25 gallons (95 liters) and 55-gallon quantities.
  • MAB or MVB metal cells with typical 1"x1", 2"x2", 3"x3" & 5" diameters x 5" depth
  • VB-1, TPB-1, HB-1 glass cells: 1.5"x1.5", 2"x2" and 3" diameter x 3" depth


Scintillation Properties BC-517S BC-517H BC517L BC-517P
Light Output, %Anthracene        
Saturated with Nitrogen 66 52 39 28
Saturated with Air 51 40 30 21
Mean Free Path for 400-500nm light, meters >4 >4 >5 >6
Wavelength of Maximum Emission, nm 425 425 425 425
Atomic Composition        
No. of H Atoms per cc (x1022) 6.50 7.06 7.40 7.50
No. of C Atoms per cc (x1022) 3.83 3.73 3.68 3.65
Ratio H: C Atoms 1.70 1.89 2.01 2.05
General Technical Data
Refractive Index 1.49 1.476 1.471 1.47
Flash Point, T.O.C 53°C 81°C 102°C 115°C
Specific Gravity 0.87 0.86 0.86 0.86
Data Sheets

BC-517S,BC-517H,BC-517L,BC-517P Mineral Oil Based Liquid Scintillators

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