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This tool is designed to narrow down the available resources through a series of application details. By using the filters the many documents on this website and the products offered by Saint-Gobain Crystals will be reduced to the most obvious.

This should be used as a guide as there are many aspects to consider when choosing a scintillator and product packaging.  The final selection for your specific application should be discussed with your sales representative.

Data Sheets
Fiber Product Sheet

Plastic scintillating, wavelength-shifting and light-transmitting fibers

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Data Sheets

Fast Neutron Detector

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Neutron detection products that are specifically formulated for the efficient detection of neutrons in the presence of gamma radiation.


BC-428 is a clear, transparent plastic scintillator with a bright green fluorescence. It is intended for use with photodiodes and charged coupled devices (CCDs) which have optical sensitivities in the green and red portions of the spectrum.


BC-430 emits in the red region which makes it ideal for use with silicon photodiodes and red-enhanced photomultiplier tubes


BC-452 detects low-energy (<100 keV) at high count rates. The standard material contains 1% or 2% lead by weight. The plastic incorporates the lead by means of organic-metallic chemistry which yields a clear scintillator.


BC-517 series mineral-based liquid scintillators are used in large tanks where exceptionally long mean free paths are essential and high light output is of secondary importance.  Applications: γ, fast n, cosmic, charged particles

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