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This tool is designed to narrow down the available resources through a series of application details. By using the filters the many documents on this website and the products offered by Saint-Gobain Crystals will be reduced to the most obvious.

This should be used as a guide as there are many aspects to consider when choosing a scintillator and product packaging.  The final selection for your specific application should be discussed with your sales representative.


CsI(Tl) scintillator has a light output of 54 photons/keV and is one of the brightest scintillators known.  It has most of its emission in the long-wavelength part of the spectrum (>500nm), it is well-suited for photodiode readout.


BGO (Bi4Ge3O12) is a high Z, high-density scintillation material. Due to the high atomic number of bismuth (83) and the material's high density of 7.13 g/cm3, BGO is a very efficient gamma-ray absorber. Given the high Z value of the material, the photo fraction for gamma-ray absorption is high and as a result, very good peak-to-total ratios are observed.

Technical papers

The Neutron Detection efficiency for NaILTM crystals is tested at Saint-Gobain Crystals with the crystal placed in a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and a

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Data Sheets

Sodium Iodide co-doped with thallium and lithium material data sheet - NaIL

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Data Sheets

NaI(Tl) scintillation material

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Technical papers

LaBr and Enhanced LaBr testing

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LaBr3(Ce) and LaBr3(Ce+Sr) scintillation materials offer superior energy resolution, fast emission, excellent linearity and temperature stability.


CLLB [Cs2LiLaBr6(Ce)] is a gamma-neutron scintillation detector that is well suited for many different classes of handheld instruments.


LYSO scintillation crystal that offers high density and short decay time.  It is ideal for applications that require higher throughput, better timing and energy resolution, including time-of-flight PET.

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